Philis Enterprise specializes in the planning, design, installation, and project management of enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure WAN, LAN, and wireless networks. In addition to this, we also conduct Wi-Fi site surveys, helping businesses plan and design a wireless network of their precise specifications.
Our professionals use their in-depth industry knowledge and their vast experience of working on a diverse range of projects to deliver high-performance, turnkey solutions to large corporations, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.
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Our History

Philis Enterprise has been providing superior-quality, safe, and scalable network and industrial automation solutions to its clients since 1991. Founded on the name ADD, the company was renamed as Philis & Co. a year after its inception. In 2012, the company’s founders decided to change the company’s name to Philis Enterprise.
From the very beginning, the team at Philis Enterprise has shown a relentless commitment towards continuous improvement. Starting with PDP RSX 11 and VAX, the team gradually improved its technical knowledge and built expertise in novel 2 Windows 3.51 and Linux RedHat1 all the way through to Windows 2016 LDAP architecture, Linux PCR clusters, Hyper-V and VMare virtualization with high availability, load balancing and redundant clusters.
Today, Philis Enterprise employs an extensive team of highly trained and qualified professionals who have an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Exchange since the first release of Exchange Server 4.0 up to the latest version of Exchange 2016. In addition to this, we also design, support, and maintain Microsoft SQL high-capacity servers since the SQL Server 6.5 which was released in 1996 up to latest releases. Leveraging our technical knowhow and our resources, we have helped a large number of customers migrate to Microsoft SQL server farms using Btrieve/Xtrieve and Oracle.
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Our Expertise

At Philis Enterprise, we provide a comprehensive range of technical solutions and services that are aimed at helping businesses improve their communication efficiency and productivity. We have a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals who offer the following solutions and services to a wide range of industries:

• Network design services
     ■ Local area network (LAN)
     ■ Wide area network (WAN)
     ■ Wireless communications
     ■ Network for server rooms
     ■ Data centers
• Wi-Fi site surveys for location (RTLS) purpose
• Project management services for network design projects
• Industrial automation and SCADA solutions
• Outsourcing